Lash Extension

The average eye has somewhere between 80 and 120 natural upper eyelashes. At Lashsmith we tailor each set of lashes individually for every client, to achieve a gorgeous result that is right for them.

From classic individual lashes, to fluffy volume lashes we offer styles and lengths to flatter every eye. Our extensions are extremely light weight and comfortable to wear, so much so, you won’t be able to feel them. Better still, all our products are vegan.

Classic Lash Extensions

The original eyelash extension method adds length and flutter creating a beautiful mascara look. An individual lash extension is placed onto the natural lash, one by one. Different styles are achieved by using a range of lengths and textures, including vegan silk, vegan cashmere and vegan mink.

Volume Lash Extensions

For a more glamourous look, volume lashes fit the bill. Between 2 and 5 extra fine, lightweight lashes are applied in a fan to each natural eyelash, creating fluffy perfection. This is perfect for clients who require extra volume due to sparse lashes or those who just want to add some extra lash drama.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

The best of both worlds. Hybrid extensions combine classic and volume extensions to give a textured and less uniform look. They are less dense than volume lashes and fuller than classic extensions making them ideal for day and evening wear.

Curl, Length and Style

We use a variety of styling techniques to create the perfect, personalised set of lashes for every client. By carefully studying the natural shape of your eye and taking into consideration your desires we tailor a variety of lengths and curls in a suitable weight not to harm the natural eyelash.


We recommend infills should be undertaken around 3 weeks from your last application, the appointment will last around 45 mins. Although it will vary from client to client, an average of 3 weeks ensures your lashes always look their best because the more regularly you infill them, the fuller they will be.

During your infill appointment your lashes will be thoroughly cleaned, and any old or unwanted lashes will gently be removed in order to apply fresh lashes. Anything longer than 4 weeks from your last appointment will require too much work to be completed in a standard infill appointment and will be charged as a full set.


For the first 24 hours:

  • Do not get your lashes wet. Lash adhesive takes 24hrs to fully dry, so it is very important to keep your lashes dry in this period.
  • Try to sleep on your back! We appreciate not everybody is able to do this, but due to the drying time it is also helpful if you are able to do this just for one night.
  • Don’t expose your lashes to any heat treatments, Sauna, steam or sunbeds.

Continuous Aftercare

It is vital to keep your lash extensions clean. This is both for lash health and hygiene, and to enhance the longevity of your set. We recommend a specially formulated foaming lash cleanser and a soft lash brush to gently remove any build-up of debris and make up at least 3 times a week.

Avoid any oil-based products around the eye area. Oil breaks down lash adhesive and will damage your extensions.

Avoid mascara unless it is specifically designed for eyelash extensions. We still don’t recommend this as it clumps and sticks fine lashes together and is difficult to remove. When choosing an eye liner go for a felt tip type, as these are water based instead of a crayon or pencil.

Use a lash brush to brush your lashes daily to keep them looking neat and tidy and try not to sleep on your face.

Do not pick or pull at your lashes and avoid rubbing your eyes.

Always undertake regular infills.


How long will my lashes last?

This varies from client to client and is dependent on several factors such as the clients skin type and hair type. Clients with very oily skin or hair often find they can’t achieve the same longevity as someone with a dryer skin. Overall, we expect our full sets to last up to 6 weeks with proper care and attention.

How long will my appointment take?

Every Client has different requirements but as rough guide, a full set of lashes can take anything from 90 to 120 mins to complete.

How often do I need an infill?

We recommend infills are undertaken every 2 to 3 weeks, At 4 weeks or longer, you will be charged for a full set.

Can I get my lashes wet?

Yes, just not for the first 24 hours. During this period, it is really essential to keep your lashes dry, this is in order to allow the glue to properly set. For the first 48 hours you should not swim, steam or sauna.

Will eyelash extensions damage my own eyelashes?

Not if they are applied and removed correctly. It is important not to pick or pull your extensions, the bond with the adhesive is very strong and will pull out your natural lash rather than coming off cleanly. If you decide you no longer wish to have extensions proper removal is crucial. During a professional removal a solution is applied to the lashes which gently dissolves the adhesive and allows the extensions to slide off the natural lash without causing it any damage or trauma. picking and pulling at your extensions can cause damage that may take several weeks to recover.