Eyebrow Lamination

Brow lamination is a new and innovative technique designed to achieve full, fluffy, brushed up brows. It redirects and sets the brow hairs into a new position, enhancing shape and fullness. The results mean a new brow shape can be completely manipulated, as if by magic. Depending on your desires or concerns, gaps can be hidden, and thinning brows can be lifted to appear fuller. Brow lamination is a semi-permanent procedure and lasts approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

The process

  • 1

    A lifting lotion is applied to soften the hairs, so they are easily fixed into their new position, whilst the brow hairs are brushed in an upward direction to help pull them into a uniform and vertical position.

  • 2

    A neutralizing solution is then applied for 5 to 7 minutes to seal the brows into place.

  • 3

    The third step is to apply a nourishing serum to moisturise the lashes and skin around the eye area to prevent any dryness or skin irritation.

  • 4

    To complete the process brows are tinted, waxed, plucked and trimmed to create the perfect masterpiece.


For the first 24 hours:

  • Avoid getting your brows wet.
  • Avoid steam, sauna and heat treatments.
  • Avoid using make up.
  • Avoid rubbing.

Continuous aftercare for laminated brows

Use a specially formulated brow serum or oil on a regular basis to deeply nourish the hairs.

Use an oil free make up remover or foaming cleanser to increase the life of the tint, this doesn’t affect the lift.


How long will my brow lamination take?

Brow lamination appointments are booked for 1hr. Depending on various factors, including hair type, it may take slightly less time, but we recommend you allow at least 1 hour in your diary. This time includes both the lifting process and tinting/styling time.

How long will my brow lamination last?

Every hair type varies, and this is one of the key factors that dictates the longevity of your lamination. 4 to 6 weeks is average, Clients with hair that is easy to style and would hold a blow dry well for example, will find their lamination longer lasting than somebody with very straight hair that is difficult to curl and doesn’t hold styles well.

Will brow lamination damage my eyebrow hairs?

No. You will not encounter any damage to your own eyebrows after having brow lamination. We use the highest quality products and are fully trained and insured. Our clients have been having regular lamination treatments over the past 2 years and none have encountered any damage. To keep the hairs well nourished we use a hydrating leave in serum in every treatment and recommend continued use of a serum for extra hydration and hair health.

Is brow lamination reversible?

Yes! this can easily be brushed to a less severe angle using a lash brush. It is also reversible using a relaxing solution (after 48hrs) in less than 10 minutes.